#14 Straight Reins

Appropriate Gaits: Walk, Trot


Hold reins at your normal working length.  With reins even, plant your hands on each side of your horse’s neck and don’t move them.

Perform school figures using your legs and seat for steering. Lengthen to a stretch and repeat.

Repeat: 1 minute working, 1 minute stretchy, x 2.

Focus: Only use the reins to keep your horse’s neck and head straight. Introduce bend with your legs.

Focus: Swivel your hips and use your seat to give very clear aids

Focus: Notice when your hands want to move.  What triggered the motion?

Focus: Your horse should seek the bit. Use leg to go forward if they don’t.

Tip: Make sure both reins have even contact and are not loopy.

Tip:  If you are losing the control of the shoulder (your horse is escaping through the outside rein), perform a circle in the opposite direction.

Good for: Rein aids, connection, leg aids

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