#24 Forward Training Aids

Appropriate gaits: Walk, Trot


Work on getting your horse very forward to your aids.   You should be able to give a medium squeeze with both calves and feel an immediate surge of forward movement in response.

To train this, start at the walk. As you are moving, give a squeeze with both calves. If the horse does not immediately surge forward, use the whip behind your leg or on the horses’ rump.

Your horse should break into a trot or into a bigger walk. If not, repeat the same medium leg and use a stronger whip aid next time.

Allow a few steps of forward movement, then down-transition to normal walk.


Repeat: 4x then “as needed”. This should be repeated any time the horse does not move forward off medium leg.

Tip: This exercise is a standard warm-up item.

Good for: Forward, light aids, gripping with legs, this is a pre-requisite for roundness and self carriage.

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