#25 Halts

Appropriate gaits:  Walk, Trot


Ride around the ring, halting at every other letter for at least 3 seconds.

Repeat: 10 halts.

Focus: Push hind end to step up (try to feel where the legs are).

Focus:  If horse drags you forward, ride a rein-back or use stronger leg / whip aids to motivate halting.

Focus: Same connection during up and down. transitions. Use your seat to say forward/back.

Focus: Ride and halt on center line.

Focus: Don’t grip with your seat or leg aids.  Give the aid, then release.  Even rein-backs are a series of leg aids, one per step!

Focus: Accurate halts with shoulder or girth at letter.

Focus: Straight halts with horse in a slight shoulder-in (if on wall).

Good for: Leg aids, rein aids, accuracy

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