#44 No Stirrups – Sitting Trot

Appropriate Gaits: Walk, Trot



Take your feet out of the stirrups.  Perform the following at the sitting trot:

Walk-Trot and Trot-Walk transitions.

Halt-Trot and Trot-Halt transitions (a few walk steps are OK)

School figures such as 20m circles and changes of direction.



Time: 5 minutes or until tired.  Take frequent walk breaks!


Focus:  Make sure you are not gripping with your knees and lower legs. The thighs can be used for stabilization.


Focus: Try to keep your reins steady and your hands independent.


Focus: Maintain the quality of your horse’s movement – forwardness, straightness, balance, and rhythm.


Tip:  Losing your balance?  It may help to “bicycle” your calves slightly with each beat.  See exercise #9 Bicycling.  Stretching your back upward can also help.


Good for: Rider conditioning, core balance, independent hands and legs.

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