#45 No Stirrups – Posting Trot

Appropriate Gaits: Walk, Trot



Take your feet out of the stirrups.  Perform the following at the posting trot:

Walk-Trot and Trot-Walk transitions.

Halt-Trot and Trot-Halt transitions (a few walk steps are OK)

School figures such as 20m circles and changes of direction.



Time: 5 minutes or until tired.  Take frequent walk breaks!


Focus:  Make sure you are not gripping with your knees and lower legs. The thighs can be used for stabilization.


Focus: Try to keep your reins steady and your hands independent.


Focus: Maintain the quality of your horse’s movement – forwardness, straightness, balance, and rhythm.

Tip: Not sure how to post without stirrups?  Push with your thighs to rise out of the saddle every other beat.  Most riders only rise as far as they are ‘pushed’ by the bounce of the trot.  If you cannot post, practice #44 No Stirrups – Sitting Trot until you have more core balance and leg strength.


Good for: Rider conditioning, core balance, independent hands and legs, strength.

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