#46 Canter strides in a circle

Appropriate gaits: Trot, Canter


Ride a 20m circle at the trot. Request canter, count 7 strides, and down-transition to trot. After 7 strides of trot, up-transition to canter. The goal is to have high quality transitions exactly when requested, almost as if the horse can hear you thinking the request.


Time: 3 minutes.


Focus: For a horse that anticipates, change the number of strides higher, such as 10 or 14 strides between transitions.


Focus: Try a lower number of strides, such as 4, between transitions.


Focus: Request a slower but bigger stride as you perform this exercise.


Focus: Request a faster and smaller stride as you perform this exercise.


Good for: Rhythm, forwardness, accuracy.

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