#7 Turn Fundamentals

Appropriate gaits: Walk, Trot.  Canter on 20m circles only.



Perform 20m, 15m, and 10m circles with excellent form.

Repeat:  4 circles each direction per gait.

Focus: Holding the reins in your outside hand, stretch your inside arm straight up and turn your head and shoulders toward the inside. That is the feeling you want to have during your turn.  Now ride normally but try to replicate the feeling.

Focus: Inside shoulder back, inside seat slightly forward.

Focus: Control the hind end with your outside leg.

Focus: Keep your inside rein slightly raised and your outside rein low near the neck.

Focus: Test that your horse is “on the outside rein” by occasionally pushing your inside hand forward.  The circle shouldn’t change.


Good for: Seat and weight aids.  Bend.

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