Flash Cards: Dressage rider training level exercises

We are very excited to announce our new product:


Dressage Inspiration Flash Cards

51 Training Level Exercises

Updated for 2019-2022 tests

dressage training flash cards for 2019 new test


These cards are weather resistant, dirt resistant, and convenient, so you can take them with you to the ring!


We are also developing other sets of level and interest-specific flash cards:

  • Intro Level Dressage
  • 1st Level Dressage
  • 2nd Level Dressage
  • 3rd Level Dressage
  • Flatwork for Jumpers
  • Groundwork exercises
  • Green Horse exercises
  • Trail and Working exercises


If you are interested in testing our new product, and promise to give feedback, contact us by mail (yes, using a real letter) and we will send you one free!

Instructions to request Dressage Training Level flash cards



Looking for the new USEF / USDF tests for 2019-2022?

USDF Site with links to all latest test call sheets

2019 **CURRENT** Training Level Test 1 Diagram (PDF)

2019 **CURRENT** Training Level Test 2 Diagram (PDF)

2019 **CURRENT** Training Level Test 3 Diagram (PDF)


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