Lesson Plans for Riders and Horses

This section is in-progress.  

The goal is to create lesson plans with groups of exercises focused around a theme.  The lesson plans would link to exercises, articles, and videos in a well planned list.

Trainers can share these lesson plans with their students to give them a comprehensive framework for what they are learning.  Not just one or two skills, but many, for a well-rounded rider or horse.

If you want to submit a lesson plan, please contact moderator@ridingexercises.com


Lesson Plan:  The First 30 days of Dressage


Here are some lesson plans that I would love to see!

  • Socializing a foal (beginning groundwork and manners)
  • Developing a relationship with your new horse (attention, manners, trust)
  • Beginner rider (tacking up, mounting and un-mounting, basic cues)
  • Introduction to ground poles (setting up, groundwork, mounted)
  • Focus on rider balance (improve core strength, position, and balance)
  • Focus on soft hands (a collection of exercises for better hands)
  • Before you start trail riding (emergency skills, desensitization, and tips to avoid trouble)
  • Caring for your gear (timing and instructions for cleaning, oiling, and other maintenance)



And a few more brainstorms:

  • horse riding exercises for balance
  • horse riding exercises for beginners
  • horse riding exercises for flatwork
  • exercises for horse riders legs
  • riding exercises to do with your horse
  • riding exercises to improve position
  • lower leg exercises for horse riders
  • horse riding exercises schooling arena
  • lower leg exercises for riders
  • fun schooling exercises for horses
  • riding exercises to do with your horse
  • fun groundwork exercises horses
  • horse exercise routine
  • fun arena exercises horses
  • horse exercises to build muscle