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  • Do not copy from books, websites, or other published locations.  This is copyright infringement and it is also not cool.  Our moderators will do our best to deny any submissions that are not original.
  • However, remember that the physical movements and skills cannot be copyrighted.  So if you want to write about your favorite exercise in your own words, please do so!
  • You are welcome to add links to outside web pages and videos.  You do not need to own the linked content.

Instructions for the form

  • You may upload one (1) image with this exercise.  Maximum size is 1500 x 1500 pixels. We recommend a diagram or illustration.  Non-educational pictures are likely to get your entire post denied.
  • Want to submit a video?  Go for it!  Please upload the video to YouTube first, then paste the video link into this form.
  • Tags are words that help people search for a topic.  Separate each tag with commas  ( , ).  For example, a leg yield exercise might use this tag string:  “leg yield, straightness, balance, trot, young horse”.  Below are some tag ideas.
    • Dressage: Collection, roundness, on the bit, rhythm, straightness, walk, trot, canter, halt, leg aids, rein aids, transitions, troubleshooting, half-halt, half pass, travers, above the bit, seat
    • Trail and Pleasure Riding: gates, steering, desensitization, mounting, objects, dragging, obstacles, streams
    • Professional: rearing, bucking, picking feet, leading, kicking, allergies, back, pinkeye, ulcers







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